Amazing interviews with with world’s most extraordinary scientists, researchers, authors, experiencers, and whistleblowers.

Weekly news reports on planetary changes, earthquakes, volcanoes, earthquakes weather and anomalous events. 

Footage and videos of UFOs, UAP, sky anomalies, and satellite images of objects and anomalies in space.

Chis Mathieu is an independent researcher, journalist, creator and host of Forbidden Knowledge News. 

He has a degree in digital media, and was an editor at his local television station for 2 years.

Chris always questioned the nature of reality since childhood and always has a sense that our reality is much different than we are taught in school. In 2015 I  felt compelled to share the information that I was researching and learning. I created a Facebook page that grew to over 10,000 followers in a short amount of time. I decided that I wanted to get experts on the topics I was covering to help me share the truths about our mysterious existence. In December of 2018 I created Forbidden Knowledge News on YouTube and started sending emails to my favorite researchers and began conducting interviews as well as researching and reporting the unprecedented earth changes are experiencing, and sharing footage and pictures of UFOs, sky, and space anomalies sent to me from around the world. I have over 150 interviews now and have spoken with the most amazing people and learned so much about our extraordinary existence. 

I have an extraordinary team of researchers and people that help me put this show together. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them.. 

Cory HugHes – web designer/production 

Tommy Brat – monitors our skies and space 

Justin Moats – monitors our skies and space

Robert Nuñez – monitors our skies and space 

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